Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Months that begin on a Sunday will always have a Friday the 13th.

well, first things first.  i decided that I'm going to start off every blog with an interesting fact.  who doesn't love interesting facts, right? I'm kind of obsessed with them. (: so, anyway, every blog title from now on will be some random fact that you probably never needed to know, but now you will know. 

and second point i have to make is i think i am the most indecisive person in the world.  really.  i am.  and once i got close to submitting an application to go to Germany, i would think, oh heyyyy Brazil's kinda cool.  or, Russia would be nice, i like snow.  or, Thailand, that'd be so different, but so cool.  so  that went on with about every country possible. and although i did think quite seriously about Austria, i decided to stick with Germany, cause i love Germany already.  but what it made me realize was that before i die, i want to spend time there.  in all of those countries, and more.  and not like, a week.  like, enough time to learn so culture and language.  ahhh life is not long enough! i will start brainstorming a list of good jobs that could send me to cool places.  maybe ill join the military...not as long as id like, but still an option.  or the peace corps... hmmm. if you know of any jobs, let me know! hahaha. okay, that's all for now. byeeee. (:

Monday, March 7, 2011

the germany i have come to love

I think I just realized the worst thing ever... there is like a 99.999999% chance that where I'm going next year won't have Laugenstangen OR Maultaschen!!

Let me explain... I have been to Germany before. Multiple times.  Like, once every two years, since I was 18 months old.  But always to the same place in Germany, always to visit relatives.  And that has never bothered me.  I love going there, and I never really wanted to do the typical touristy stuff there anyway.  Haha, last time we were there, whenever me and my dad were out at a store or walking in the fussgangerzone I forced him to speak only German to me.  My German is terrible, but he speaks it fluently.  I hated when people looked  at me like I was a tourist. 

Anyway.  Like everywhere, this particular region in Germany had things that were special, just in that region.  And I have grown up with these two foods and when I think of Germany, I think of them.  Laugenstangen.  Okay, these are like, pretzel rolls.  And they're just really good.  When were there we always eat them for breakfast, with jelly and butter, and then the leftovers are left out in a bowl all day and you are expected to make sure they are all gone by the time dinner is ready.  They're really good with butter and salami, in case anyone is ever in need of a good way to eat it, although I would find this hard to believe.  And secondly.  Maultaschen.  These are by far the greatest things you will ever eat.  Trust me.  And they're ALWAYS better to get from a butcher than if you order them from a restaurant.  Okay, so, they're kinda like ravioli, only the outer wrapping, though.  and on the inside, its filled with pork and spinach.  and its really hard to describe, but trust me, if you ever get the chance, you need to try some. 

Okay, well i just randomly thought of this.  That some people go on exchange barley knowing the language.  The country is completely new to them.  And i guess i always thought that Germany wouldn't be like that for me.  Not in a bad way, just in a different way.  Now I'm starting to realize that the northern coast and the southern boarder are polar opposites.(pun intended ha ha ha...(;  )
hmmm. never thought of it this way. In some ways that makes this even more exciting.  But in some ways, I'm hoping, PRAYING that i'll get placed in a town similar to the one i have already fallen in love with. (: (with that being said, i do NOT want to stay a year with family over there. i love them dearly, trust me, i do.  but once every other year is enough.  )