Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beginning the process.

So, this blog, like promised will be talking about everyyyythinggggggg i do related to exchange. And I don't know about some of you other exchangers, but when I read blogs, I'm really interested in what went on before the kids were actually in their exchange country. Plus, if anyone reading this runs into this problem I hope that this will help.  So, the first time I brought up the idea of going on exchange with my dad laughed and my mom simply hadn't said anything at all. So, on my own, I searched for an organization. And I made them a power point. (: yeah, that's right. it was good too! Had facts, statistics, I even made a graphhhhh. It was probably the most impressive exchange slide show ever. So, with much convincing, they agreed, although not very willingly.  And so I started. First step?: talk to guidance counselor. She gave me one organization name, but she didn't really know much about what she was talking about.  I mean, she only told me about one organization.  And she didn't tell me about their reputation, their records, but I listened to her and applied with them.  They have been very supportive and helpful so far with all of this, but I do with I knew about other programs.  Anyway, one word of advice for anyone applying. apply EARLY. And DO NOT, I repeat, DOOO NOTTTT get behind. 

Well, that ramble was long enough. Next post? Sending in applications. Wooo, funn. Then you'll be all up to date! yaaaaaay. haha.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

And so, the journey begins...

Hi! My names Alison.  I am currently a sophomore in New Jersey.  Next year, I want to live in Germany, as an exchange student.  I wanted a way to keep a nice record of everything exchange related, and I decided that a blog was a great way to do that- from filling out the very first paper, to stepping off the plane in America at the end of the year, this blog will be an up to date review of the exciting, boring, happy, sad, infuriating, insulting, traumatic, hilarious, exhilarating, , thrilling, life-changing, new, old, and of course, embarrassing experiences that are sure to take place in the next year and a half.  So follow me, and I'll take you with me as I explore the crazy, unexplainable, unbelievable, unfathomable thing we call life.  Its just my hopefully understandable and possibly entertaining ramblings of me, Alison. I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Well, at least the way I see it. Let's get started. (: