Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beginning the process.

So, this blog, like promised will be talking about everyyyythinggggggg i do related to exchange. And I don't know about some of you other exchangers, but when I read blogs, I'm really interested in what went on before the kids were actually in their exchange country. Plus, if anyone reading this runs into this problem I hope that this will help.  So, the first time I brought up the idea of going on exchange with my dad laughed and my mom simply hadn't said anything at all. So, on my own, I searched for an organization. And I made them a power point. (: yeah, that's right. it was good too! Had facts, statistics, I even made a graphhhhh. It was probably the most impressive exchange slide show ever. So, with much convincing, they agreed, although not very willingly.  And so I started. First step?: talk to guidance counselor. She gave me one organization name, but she didn't really know much about what she was talking about.  I mean, she only told me about one organization.  And she didn't tell me about their reputation, their records, but I listened to her and applied with them.  They have been very supportive and helpful so far with all of this, but I do with I knew about other programs.  Anyway, one word of advice for anyone applying. apply EARLY. And DO NOT, I repeat, DOOO NOTTTT get behind. 

Well, that ramble was long enough. Next post? Sending in applications. Wooo, funn. Then you'll be all up to date! yaaaaaay. haha.

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